At Sousa & Weber, exceeding client expectations with exceptional service and out-of-the-box thinking is a critical part of our business. Below are just a few of our clients’ testimonials regarding our services and their experience with us:

“GreatFence.com uses Sousa & Weber for our company’s accounting, taxes and part-time CFO consulting. They have been a trusted advisor for us in many process areas – including supply chain, marketing/sales, business development, finance and strategic planning. I would highly recommend Sousa & Weber for any growth-stage business enterprise.”

Ronald C. Richker
President, GreatFence.com, Inc.


“I own a manufacturing, import/export, and distribution business and have been a client of Sousa & Weber for some time now (although I wish it was since inception). Rich Weber and Ken Sousa’s expertise has helped me clean up the otherwise “hopeless” accounting mess that I left them with so I was able to use them for a legal matter. I’m not one who’s good with numbers and have always felt uncertain in having to do my own bookkeeping for my business when I first started. They took the time to sit down with me to go over everything helped me feel more confident and secure with the financial decisions I made for my company. Rich even drove out to meet with me at my office in Alhambra! In their hands your business finances will be kept in order, done and filed correctly the first time around so you can save money from having to correct other professional’s mistakes (believe me, I know first-hand) later on. It’s hard to find a financial CPA group that you can rely on, trust, and grow your business with. They always respond in a timely manner so you can get what you can reach them right away with an urgent question. They’re dedicated to growing my business with me and work with my budget from bookkeeping all the way through advising me on a CFO level. Their entire staff are competent and work closely together to give you quality you expect in their work. Now that I feel rest assured that my financials are well looked after, I’m able to focus on running my business and growing it according to plan. I highly recommend that any business owners who understand the importance of having your books done right so your business can grow right, talk to the team at Sousa & Weber and they’ll get you there!!”

Anita Sun
CEO, Karmissie LLC


“Sousa & Weber’s knowledgeable and friendly staff provides Superfocus with efficient bookkeeping services. We are using Netsuite. Sousa & Weber quickly learned how to use this SaaS ERP system to provide us with accurate and timely accounting data and speedy monthly closings and reconciliations.”

Adrian Koppes
CEO, Superfocus LLC


“We use Sousa & Weber for our company bookkeeping and our taxes. They are very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Not to mention they bring a level of professionalism you would expect from a CFO with out the price tag. I would recommend them for any small to medium size business that can use help organizing and structuring your Quickbooks, to monthly / weekly bookkeeping to annual tax returns. I even had their team build me a few different financial models.”

Jason Manasse
CEO, Accuscore


“In 2009 we selected Sousa & Weber to perform our accounting and finance functions. They now manage everything from bookkeeping, billing, receivables, payables, general accounting and taxes to acting as our CFO to help us make strategic decisions. We are exceedingly pleased with their professionalism and grasp of our business needs. The team at Sousa & Weber outperforms any accounting team we could have built in-house and we are seeing the results we want: improved visibility, better decision-making and a team of experts to rely upon.”

Rich Walker
CEO, Efficient Technology, Inc.