At Sousa & Weber, we provide you with high integrity finance and accounting services: We can support you through the entire sales to collection cycle. In other words: you can stopworrying about bookkeeping as Sousa & Weber can do it all for you!

We’re highly experienced and offer very cost-effective services.

Sales Monitoring and Reporting

Sousa & Weber accounts receivable services help you to: improve cash flow, lower receivables, manage payment times and reduce bad debt accounts. We are pro-active and 100% effective in our management of your accounts, allowing you to focus resources on growing your business. As part of our sales monitoring and reporting, Sousa & Weber will:

Bills and Payables

Sousa & Weber’s accounts payable management enables you to strike the balance between paying bills on time and optimizing your cash flow. Our comprehensive service helps you avoid duplicate payments and bills, prevent unauthorized payments and reduce posting errors and discrepancies.

Sousa & Weber will:

Inventory Management

Inventory can be costly when run inefficiently – too much inventory will tie up capital while too little creates out-of-stock problems and missed opportunities. Sousa & Weber can help you with the following inventory services.

General Ledger

Your general ledger is the backbone of your company’s financial status. Keeping it 100% accurate and current requires attention to detail, knowledge and commitment: Sousa & Weber provides all three! You can leave your ledger with us and focus on more important things such as building your client base and product development.

We are specialized in: