If you are a government Department of Defense (DoD) contractor or are considering becoming one, Sousa & Weber can walk you through your various options for becoming Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliant and what you need to do to meet these requirements. We can also assist you in implementing software solutions to meet the DCAA compliance requirements.  The DCAA is the government agency responsible for performing all audits for the DoD to ensure government contractors comply with federal regulations regarding proper financial management.

Researching what is involved with DCAA accounting is a long and tedious endeavor; there are an immense amount of requirements to be met. The DCAA accounting requirements begin with timesheets, employee compensation, and allowable and non-allowable expenses. For example, hourly versus salaried employees, procedural training, authorization tracking, direct versus indirect costs, employee leave, and timecards.

Sousa & Weber can help your business prepare to be a successful government contractor. Great care must be exercised as there are many complexities and pitfalls.  Not only is there the issue of error, but there is the issue of such errors looking like you are attempting to commit fraud. Such an event can terminate your contract. Instead of using a manual methodology, we will assist you in implementing a software solution that is designed to address the DCAA accounting requirements. Many of these programs offer itemization that you may never think of, but that will be expected if you are audited by the DCAA. More importantly, these programs will allow you do develop ad hoc or specialized reports to answer audit questions at the touch of a keyboard. Prepare your success with DCAA accounting with software that sets you up for contract and accounting compliance.

Let Sousa & Weber guide you through the complicated DCAA accounting process and act as your ongoing DCAA accounting department to ensure continuous compliance with the rules.

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