Sousa & Weber understands the complexities and constant evolution of the media and entertainment industry. Today’s successful entertainment companies — working in advertising, television broadcasting, cable, film production, print and publishing—must stay ahead of industry trends to drive competitive advantage. Current challenges within this industry are:

  • Attracting and retaining customers
  • Doing business on a global scale
  • Compliance, regulatory and reporting issues around Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Making the most of mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial reporting of key metrics
  • Industry convergence
  • Tax issues related to content sales and international operations
  • Managing and protecting content rights and royalties
  • Reducing costs and enhancing efficiency in core business operations
  • Gaining maximum value from your human capital

Our Media and Entertainment services team has expert knowledge and experience to service every level of the entertainment field, from the starving artist to large film production companies. Entertainment industry accounting is very specialized and unique. The professionals at Sousa & Weber have over thirty years of combined experience in this area.

Sousa & Weber’s accounting services for the media and entertainment community includes:

  • Audit and assurance services
  • Royalty and production audits
  • Participations and residuals
  • Ultimates
  • Business management
  • Internal auditing
  • Litigation support
  • Specialized accounting and tax advisor
  • Financial management
  • Wealth management