From fixed assets and occupancy rates to construction accounting and managing multiple revenue streams, companies in the hospitality business have a unique set of business requirements, and Sousa & Weber has years of experience serving these companies.

Sousa & Weber understands key trends and challenges that are impacting hospitality firms, including:


Energy and sustainability issues require a calculated investment in order to meet guest and industry expectations, while maintaining profit margins by ensuring guests are willing to pay a premium in order to “go green”.


With their lower level staff, hospitality firms must strike a balancing act between relatively low wages and high employee turnover. Turnover can be reduced and improving guest satisfaction can be realized by investing in training and management-track programs but there must be a specific return on investment for these initiatives.


There is a continuous cycle of repairs and refurbishing which requires companies to effectively manage and deploy capital. Today’s tight credit conditions can compound access to financing, requiring proper financial planning.

Sousa & Weber is a viable partner for accounting and financial services.