Tactics of an Idea Crusher

Tactics of an Idea Crusher

Have you ever been guilty of applying some or all of the idea crushers listed below? 

1. Point out all the reasons it won’t work, this will ensure that the reasons it might work will not need to be addressed.

2. Say you’ll look into an idea, and then just sit on it.

3. Remind the proponent that his last idea was a total failure or on a similar theme, remind him what happened to the last person who came up with a failed idea.

4. Change the subject (i.e. ask the proponent how his current project is going).  That will be a reminder that team members are paid to work not to think.

5. Say we have already thought of that. That will remind the proponent that he is no smarter than people who have been there for some time and that as a newcomer he is not yet qualified to make suggestions.

Two questions you should ask about your leadership style are: “how open am I to considering ways to improve what my business does?” and second, “what do I do to proactively encourage people within my organization to challenge the status quo and continually seek to improve processes?”

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